Naval armament

Production of special technological equipment for repair of electrical and thermal torpedoes and their components

  • Multifunctional stand for testing engines type DP-llV, DP-llM, DP-l9U, DP-30, DP-31 and other engines for аll types of electric torpedoes;
  • Multifunctional test bench for checkup of torpedo motion stabilization system, pneumohydraulic and electrical circuits;
  • Multifunctional control and regulation station for homing systems type “Sapphire”, “Ceramics”and other homing systems of аll types;
  • Control and regulation equipment to test remote fuses of аll types of torpedoes.
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Modernization of anti-submarine torpedoes SET-65 and their components

The result of the modernization of the self-homing anti-submarine electric torpedo SET-65 is а universal modernized torpedo complex SET-65 МТК (U), caliber 533 mm, with active-passive homing system having а built-in anti-ship channel, with optical and acoustic channels of the combat non-contact exploding system of the own design, with the purpose of destroy of submarines and surface ships of аll types in any part of the ocean at depths from 2 to 450 meters. The torpedo motion control system provides maneuvering of the torpedo in two planes and bringing the torpedo to the target area with an accuracy of ± 0.5 m.


  • Rechargeable batteries (А-187М, SCA-240);
  • Homing system “Acoustic-L”;
  • System of non-contact exploding of combat compartment SNP-ll;
  • Electric and pneumatic-hydraulic system;
  • Starting and regulating equipment;
  • Hull and power parts;
  • Ballast-free training compartment;
  • Electronic registration of ballast-free practical charging department;
  • Enhanced warhead capability.
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Repair of aviation anti-naval weapon

The company offers аll tyes of repair of air anti-submarine-electric torpedoes АТ-1, VТТ-1, АТ-2, UMGT-l and their components, such as:

  • Rechargeable batteries (TS-3, TS-4, A-222U);
  • Active-passive acoustic homing system (including “Waterfall”)
  • Remote exploders;
  • Electric and pneumatic-hydraulic system;
  • Start & control devices;
  • Practice compartment;
  • Hull and power parts;
  • Electric motors (DP-llM, DP-22M, DP-52).
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Repair of torpedoes

The company performs аll types repairs of electric torpedoes SET40, SET-53, SET-65, TEST-71, SET-72, USET-80, their modifications and individual components оn own production areas, as well as in cooperation with original manufacturers manufacturers of torpedo components, namely:

  • Rechargeable batteries (MZ-2, MZ-2M, TS-3, TS-4, Т-7, А-187М, SCA-240, В-144СМ);
  • Homing equipment (systems) (“Sapphire”, “Ceramics”);
  • Remote electronic exploding systems (НВА-1, НОВ-451);
  • Electrical and pneumatic-hydraulic systems;
  • Starting and regulating equipment;
  • Ballast-free practical charging compartment;
  • Hull and power parts;
  • Electric motors (DP-llV, DP-llM, PM-3MU, DP-l9U, DP-30, DP-31U).

The company performs аll types of repairs of thermal torpedoes 53-56, 53-57, 53-58, 53-61, 53-65К, their modifications and components оп their own production areas, and works with original component manufacturers torpedo parts, namely:

  • Homing systems (“Andromeda”);
  • Remote electronic exploding systems;
  • Air tanks;
  • Tanks with oxidizer;
  • Turbine compartments;
  • Aft compartments with а tail part;
  • Starting and regulating equipment;
  • Practical charging compartment;
  • Type 2 TF engines.


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