Hydroacoustic systems

Active directed hydroacoustic buy U31

The active directional sonar buoy is а small-size sonar, designed for determination of the submarine location accuracy sufficient for the immediate use of anti-submarine.


  • Caliber “А” refers to NATO standard (length 917 mm, diameter 124 mm);
  • DICASS (Active Sonobuoy direction control system – Active Sonobuoy control system);
  • Weight of the sonar antenna – 3 kg;
  • Weight with full payload is 8.5 kg.


  • Launch container of the anti-submarine aircraft;
  • Light aircraft;
  • Anti-submarine helicopter;
  • Surface ship (boat);
  • Small boat.


  • Infrared communication system with the control panel;
  • Built-in self-monitoring system;
  • Reusable for educational purposes;
  • Nо restrictions оn the planting depth.
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Outline planted passive underwater area surveillance system “Kliver-1”


  • Reception, processing and classification of acoustic signals for detection of low-noise modern submarines and underwater vehicles;
  • Detection of surface ship in harsh ambient conditions;
  • Coastal outline underwater surveillance system;
  • Round-the-clock omnidirectional surveillance underwater surveillance;
  • Protection of the coast, offshore bases, оіІ platforms and areas requiring special attention;
  • Tsunami threats warning, monitoring for sea water velocity currents, temperature and salt content.
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